The future is now

The future is now

Google’s parent company Alphabet, launches a drone dilevery service called Wing. It’s currently being tested in Virginia, with limited places such as Walgreens and FedEX.

Why drones?

Drones are the best solutions for local deliveries. It's even better if there is a shipping center near your area. They don’t stop at red lights or get stuck in traffic. A local delivery will be around 30 minutes where as a standard Prime shipping can take around two days.

Keeping your packages safe.

Your items are protected in our secured packaging. It can even keep your food hot or cold during travel. Our drones are equiped with sensors that can detect and avoid obstacles.

Where do we deliver?

We tested our service in Australia with over 3,000 deliveries. Now we are launching our service starting in Christiansburg, Virginia. Right now, we are working with the F.A.A. to gain it's approval to spread nation wide.

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